cambixn replied to your post:i’m bored :/

but…. i like other stuff too! lets talk about what you like, or something


"About what I like?"

      “Well yeah, I mean I barely know like, anything about you!”

roundhaus whispered:

"also strikes a pose"

      holds up a sign.


keyblxde whispered:

"strike a cool pose with me rin the ladies will love it trust me."

   Strikes a cool pose with him.

      “How’s this?!”

tresdemae whispered:

"we're still bros right"

      gtfo go back to making izumo hate you.

kuuaa whispered:


            There somethin’ on my face?”

tetsukawa whispered:

""... Why do I smell sulfur all of a sudden.""

      “Dude, that’s just you I think.”