aah~ what-ever will i do… 

    —- kukuku, it’s red. 


       && he puts down a wild draw four.


                 places down a reverse card.

                         ’ hmhm~ ‘

      SLAMS down a skip card.

   ”Take that.”

      Places down a draw two.

keyblxde whispered:

"climbs onto your shoulders."

      “Why are you on my shoulders?”

sola--cordis whispered:

"The game is rigged"

      “It’s all her fault. She always rigs her games so she wins….”


                    { ●•۰•☯•۰•● }


      “So I’m guessing you’re a nonbender?" hums to herself. 

            Why ask, it’s pretty obvious. No, blatantly obvious. 

      “But you must have heard of the Avatar, right?


   Shakes his head
   and pulls his tail out.

      “I don’t think so. But I am a half demon!”

   And he’s not even trying to follow the 
   ’don’t tell people you’re a half demon
   rule set by his brother. But the Avatar?
   He’s never heard about an Avatar before.

      “The who?”

      Pulls three cards.
          Places down a blue nine.


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      Places down a wild card.


ekragei whispered:

"seductively ...eats popsicle... why... why..."

      man, it’s so hot out